It was a great 2011, I called it “the year of change”. Same day last year, little did I know that I will be all so addicted to photography through out the year and set up a new website/blog of my own to summarize my work. More drastic changes happened in both of my career, as well as my personal life. Time really flies, yet it felt so long and so many things have happened. I have definitely achieved more than what I have drafted for myself.

Year 2012, a brand new start, a new blank page for me to fill it up with colours and words. So what have I planned for myself? Quite a few drafted in my mind, not too overwhelmed. It would be another year of change, and also “year of adaptation”.

For work, besides consistently working towards the long term goals, there would be a few plans in expanding my technical skills. As for personal life, besides working toward adapting the changes from 2011, this year would be making a giant step to own a first home.

Listen to more music. I realized that I have lost that a while ago. And a friend reminded me that lately and I am so glad that I have been listening to more music now.

As for my new photography business, I am already working with some of my clients for some big projects, but lets not giving it out too much, please do follow me here for more posting of new work.

Personal growth wise, there is no other way than practice, practice and practice to improve my craft and confident. And of course, blog more often!

Last year, I discovered Project 365 and always wanted to do this as my personal project but I hesitated if I am able to give so much commitment to it on top of what i have on my plate. It has been lingering inside me for a while. So this year I have decided to take the opportunity of the new year and just do it. I am not sure if I am able to snap one photo a day, but I will take as much photos as possible this year to make up this Project 366 and I will be posting my photos at least once a week. There will be a new Project 366 bar on my site to let you follow this personal project of mine as well.

So my first starting photos ( 1/366 ) is what I do best – food photography. It’s a lobster dinner to welcome the new year with friends and family. It will be great year ahead I am sure and I am so excited about it.

Happy New Year everyone! What’s your new resolution? Any special personal project you are planning to do? Let me know.

366 Project-1