It has been a busy two months, juggling with work, seminar, renos, house moving, settling, and busy lifestyle, going on a vacation was actually the last thing I could think of. But I have no choice, this trip has to be done, sooner or later.

Vancouver in early April, with the typical British-like rainy gloomy weather, it’s really depend on the luck. Well, I have half the luck. Two out of the four days, it was sunny, it was not all bad. After settling all the administrative work that I need to do (well, it could be another annoying post complaining about some bad consulate service), there were nothing planned, but just pure wandering. This is not my first trip to Vancouver. The last 2 trips I had were during the beautiful summer time. But the spring time in Vancouver, the greens and beautiful cherry blossom flowers remain, but it was just gloomy, chilly, wet and at times, a little depressing.

Not really feeling like a tourist this time since everything looks familiar, I approached the trip with a more relaxing way, just like a normal weekend – eat, play, sleep.

One of the best part would probably be catching up with a few friends of mine that have moved to Vancouver to pursue their dreams. Sometimes, it is good to see how’s everyone’s life is in this foreign land. As a matter of fact, I am one of them.  I would say, that was the most enjoyable moment, chatting and catching up with old friends over some good food and a few pints, exchange stories. Good times.

Of course, it is not all just holiday. If you have seen my previous post, I did an engagement session in Vancouver. I will be blogging it very soon, so do check back for updates this week.

Vancouver, a beautiful city, there are love and hate in it. No doubt, I will be back to this city very soon.

Daniela Andrade – Big Jet Plane



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