I am very excited! Let’s admit it. This is the first full blown wedding that I’ve ever photographed!

When Edwin approached me to photograph their wedding on my birthday, I did hesitate for 10 seconds. A full day wedding is always what I have been hoping to work on, at the meantime, still doubting myself if I have what it takes. It’s somebody’s big day for god sake.

“Sometimes, we just need to throw ourselves out there and see what comes back.” And I took up the challenge.

Was I nervous? Oh ya, the day before the wedding, I could hardly sleep, kept thinking if I have packed everything; have I got all the information I needed; does my assistant know what I want; will it be difficult working along with a crew of videographers, etc. This is pretty much like a “final exam” that I have given to myself, to test my skills, show my confident, my craft, my point of view and create the best photographic story ever. I have definitely put too much pressure onto myself.

A deep breathe, cool down, I told myself, “Alright Boon, let’s stop thinking. Let’s keep it simple, sincere and romantic. Let’s enjoy the day. Wedding is a celebration of love, a manifestation of commitment, a gathering of friends and family, it’s that simple. It will be beautiful.”

Indeed, April 21st was a beautiful day!!

Annie and Edwin, I am so honored and thankful that you have included me there to document this important day of your life. That day, you welcomed me with open arms, it totally made me felt at ease. Words just couldn’t express how much I enjoyed documenting your wedding day.

Annie and Edwin are such a beautiful couple! Annie looks stunning and elegant in her wedding dress; the flower girl was starring at me refused to be shot; and how she got freak out by the crowd as she walked down the aisle and ran back to mummy. I love the ceremony where I could feel the spiritual atmospheres just so strongly and how the couple values their vows and promises so much it affects everyone there. There are so many highlights in the wedding,  and the games session during the reception are just hilarious! Oh by the way, I love the “Vietnamese kiss”!

It was a long day, a little overwhelming, but when I look back, yes, I kept it simple, sincere and romantic.

So did I pass my exam?

(Don’t forget to click on the accompany music for a better viewing pleasure.)
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