Every now an then, I received some thank you cards from my clients, showing their appreciation of me capturing their special moment; it never failed to sweeten my heart when I saw them. Today, I received a very special card from my colleague, Hong. It’s a DIY thank you card with collage of photos I took for them.

Early this year, I was invited to be the photographer of a baby shower party. It was the first baby shower I’ve ever attended and it’s just full of warmth and happiness. I was so delighted to see how the parents were so excited telling the stories of their new born.

Photographing a home party, it’s an excellent opportunity to work on capturing all the moments, expressions and emotions of everyone, at the meantime work around the challenges of small spaces, close distance and play around compositions.

Thank you Hong for this little card. It’s always this little token that give me the biggest encouragement to continue what I am doing. Loving it!



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