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Boon Ong Photography

My name is Boon Ong, nick name Josh; whichever you prefer to call me, I’ll say Hi.

Born in Malaysia, now living in Canada. Since 18, I have been constantly on the move, did my first degree in South Malaysia, had my Master degree in Pipeline Engineering in the UK, worked in various countries – Malaysia, UK, Thailand, US, China, Canada, etc.

Coming from the big melting pot of Malaysia with the various traveling experiences, I enjoy what I see and the stories that I hear.

I love food and I love cooking. I guess that’s the reason I appreciate different ingredient and love food photography.

I used to dance on a semi-professional stage, but I choose photography now to express my passion to art in a different way.

Photography is a balance to me perhaps, a balance from my analytical life as an Engineer, an alternative way of expression to my less vocal personality, share my observation and feelings to you, a platform that the I can freely follow my own guts.

I choose romantic comedy over sci-fi or action movies, just because I like it light and easy. After all, our lives are difficult enough that we deserve some simplicity. And that translate into my photography, capturing the romance at it’s simplicity.





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