About Me


My name is Boon Ong, born in Malaysia but have been living in Canada since 2008.

Since 18, I have been constantly on the move, did my first degree in South Malaysia, had my Master degree in Pipeline Engineering in the UK, worked in various countries – Malaysia, UK, Thailand, US, China, Canada, etc. Coming from the big melting pot of Malaysia with the various traveling experiences, I always enjoy what I see, the stories I hear and along the way meeting many friends.

I love food and I love cooking.  I used to be heavily over-weight, but call me a gym rat now as fitness is the second passion of mine after photography.

I am a visual person, I don’t have the patience to read, but I love movies and music. I love photography because it is an alternative way of expression to my less vocal personality, a platform that the I can freely follow my own guts and tell a story through my own eyes.

I choose romantic comedy over sci-fi or action movies, just because I like it light and easy. After all, our lives are difficult enough that we deserve some simplicity, and that is ultimately how I like my work, to capture your story at it’s simplicity.